Media appearances

A few recent (local) media appearances I want to share with you. 

First of all I was on the Greek radioprogramme Hellas Pindakaas on October 14th. It's in Greek :-)

With the other guests and host Nikos on the right.


What you could read though is an interview with me in English on the website


At the same day - 27th of October - a TV-interview in English with So Dam Local was broadcast on the local TV-station SALTO. I talk about my show Who are you when no one is looking, the Storytelling Festival Amsterdam, and comedy.


And finally I was interviewed in May 2016 by the tv-programme Diaspora of the Greek national television channel Ert 3 and it was on Greek tv on the 16th of October. You can watch it here on YouTube. The interview with me starts at: 1:01:40"