This weekend my solo in LONDON!

I will be performing my solo WHO ARE YOU WHEN NO ONE IS LOOKING? at the Old Vic Workrooms in London! It will be part of the first edition of the First Contact Festival London. I am very excited about that. Interesting to see how the audience in another country will receive my story about growing up in a Greek family in the Netherlands and trying to deal with other labels as well. About trying to fit in but at the same time trying to walk your own line. With lots of humour. Of course.


DATE: Sunday March 12, 2017
LOCATION: The Old Vic Workrooms, Drummond Street, SE16 4EE, SE16 2 London
TICKETS: 14 pounds (for two performances)

One ticket for two performances - book here: - with the same ticket, you can also attend The Alekseij Tapes – Anastasis Sarakatsanos.

17.00-18.00: The Alekseij Tapes – Anastasis Sarakatsanos
18:00-19.00: Who are you when no one is looking? - Soula Notos